Are you looking for a lyricist?


I specialise in pop, country, and folk lyrics.


If you like starting with words, I write lyrics for you to set to music.


If you have an instrumental or backing track, I create lyrics to accompany this, including the topline if needed (vocal melody.) 

"It was great to work with Justine. She delivered exactly what our project needed."

~ Marcus Januszko, Music Producer

(Facebook: /t.on.vienna)



Pre-written Lyrics


Do you need professional lyrics to set to music today? My pre-written lyrics are finished and ready to be licensed. If you need lyrics for an EP, why not license several lyrics?




Commissions are written from scratch, tailored to your requirements. I listen to your existing music, as well as any reference tracks, so the lyrics match your individual style.


Lyric Editing


This option is popular with songwriters struggling to finish their lyrics because English is their second language. It's also the right choice if you need help improving a lyric.



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