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Thank you for visiting! I'm Justine, I write and create horror content. Spooky short stories featuring a variety of horror narrators and voice artists are posted on my YouTube channel, Tales for Endless Nights.

I was inspired to start my channel after stumbling upon the horror community on YouTube and learning first-hand how this type of content can help people living with trauma, as well as provide light (or not-so-light) entertainment!

You can find examples of my videos below. If you would like to support my work, please join me on Patreon. This really helps to keep the channel going! 

My first novel is in progress, it's a thriller with a generous splash of horror! I'm also a lyricist. If you need lyrics to set to music, you can find my work on Songbay


Commissions are open for short horror stories and non-fiction scripts. I've worked with incredible creators, including Swamp Dweller and Mr Revenant. Keep scrolling for details, examples, and testimonials!



Commissions for creepy stories and non-fiction horror scripts are now open! These can stand alone or be part of a series.

The price is 3p per word. This is £60 (approximately $70) for 2000 words. You can set a minimum and maximum length.


Stories under 4000 words are completed within 7 days, 10-14 days for 4000+ words.


You can choose a topic or creature (I can pick if you don't mind or you're not sure.) You're free to use the story as you wish, crediting is appreciated but not required.


Please contact me to book your commission. Below are some examples of fictional stories and non-fiction scripts I've written for horror creators.



"Justine is wonderful to work with. She's written several stories for me to narrate on my YouTube channel and they're always well-received by my subscribers. Justine's stories are well-written, creepy, and play with your emotions in the best way. I would highly recommend her as a writer!"


~ A Clock Strikes 3