Justine the lyricist...


Powerful lyrics by my favourite songwriters have often helped me through difficult times. I write in the hope of doing the same for others. 


I specialise in pop, country, and folk lyrics. These are the genres I listen to every day and know well. There are two ways to collaborate. You can license a pre-written lyric or book a commission


I specialised in lyric writing whilst studying for my BA (Hons) Music Composition degree at Falmouth University. I work with Songbay on their lyric improvement service as one of the professional lyricists. I'm also a judge and organiser for their lyric writing competition.


I’m learning French with the long-term goal to write lyrics in this language one day. 



Justine the writer... 


I’m currently writing my first thriller novel, and I post short horror stories on my YouTube channel, Tales for Endless Nights


I stumbled upon the horror community on YouTube by chance. Listening to content by my favourite horror narrators helped me manage trauma and insomnia. Many people listen to this type of content for the same reason, so as a writer I was inspired to start my own channel. 


I work with a variety of horror narrators and voice actors on my channel. Please contact me if you would like to collaborate. 


If you want to support my projects, consider joining me on Patreon. My patrons help cover costs and keep me going!