Mike is a songwriter, performer and composer. He's on the blog to talk about building a career in music and earning money as a musician. I think it's fascinating to hear from someone who has experienced both the 'old' industry and the digital age.


Life as a Full-Time Musician: Q&A with M L Dunn

Lindsey is an artist development and business consultant. She has a wealth of knowledge, having worked with signed and unsigned musicians. I spoke with Lindsey about her full-time music career, and how YOU can get there too.


Life as a Full-Time Musician: Q&A with Lindsey Kirkendall

Patreon is a crowd funding platform where supporters donate either per month or per creation. It's like Kickstarter, but fans support you long-term, rather than to fund a specific project. 

When Patreon emerged, it was widely advised that indie creatives join. My gut feeling was it wasn't right for me, but I ignored this.


Why I Left Patreon, And Why I'm Back

In 2014, singer-songwriter Shawnee Kilgore raised $10,000 on Kickstarter. This enabled her to make her album, A Long and Precious Road. In 2018, she raised $25,000 in 30 days for her next album.


How to Run a Successful Crowd Funding Campaign: Q&A with Shawnee Kilgore

The inspiration for this article came from Rorie Kelly’s (@roriekelly) 2016 post on what musicians can learn from Pokémon Go. I’ve never played Pokémon Go. For me, a game is for relaxing at home in your pyjamas. I don’t see the point – not if it involves actually going outside!


 This is why I love Sims FreePlay. Like Pokémon Go, it’s a mobile app. The aim is to put your sims through hard labour to build a town – completing quests and enjoying their relationship drama along the way.


Five Ways Creatives Can Learn From The Sims FreePlay...

I'm often asked if I work for royalties-only. The answer is no for many reasons. I'm sharing these reasons in this year's Halloween post.


Working for "Royalties-Only" - Why That's a Scary Thought

Mella works as a session vocalist, and is also an artist herself. She's on the blog to talk about her journey into full-time musicianship, and the realities of this. Let's jump right in!


Life as a Full-Time Musician: Q&A with Mella Barnes

Songbay is an online platform for buying and selling original music and lyrics. We're going to explore this in detail.


Songbay: Is It Worth It? An Honest Review (#spon)

I have always pursued music as more than a hobby. Through this blog, I aim to help others build a sustainable income. Danelle Harvey, music business coach and author, shares this goal.

In this post, I'm talking about her best-selling book, Music & Money. If you aspire to be a pro-musician, you'd probably benefit from her insights.


Music & Money: Being a Full-Time Musician...

There is something we can all agree on. Copyright law - and knowing how to protect your work - gives many musicians a headache! But it’s okay…


 I am swooping in (wearing my proverbial cape with an S on the front.) But I can’t take much credit. The wealth of knowledge in this article comes from my two expert guests. I spoke to lawyer and musician Michael McLaughlin (@halfdogmusic), and indie biz coach Don Harrison (@realDCHarrison.)

Copyright: How to Protect Your Work

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