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Living Music by Justine | February Edition

I recently finished The Vampire Diaries on Netflix. Readers liked 5 Things We Can Learn From The Sims FreePlay, so I’m writing similar posts this year. Starting with this one.


This article comes with a minor spoiler alert. I’ve tried not to ruin major storylines, but there are spoilers here and there. 


  • People can change

Damon is my favourite character. At the start of Season One, he’s the cliché evil brother. Gradually, this changes. His dark side is always present, but it’s difficult to see him as an evil character overall. 



How this relates to music? Do you have certain characteristics you struggle with? Perhaps you’re easily distracted or prone to self-doubt. This can change or improve. 


  • Adversity can be positive

You have to die to become a vampire. Not fun, huh? Caroline Forbes is devastated when she’s turned. However, over time her vampire self exceeds her human self. 

How this relates to music? My biggest struggle has been online negativity. It has made me stronger (as cliché as that is.) If you’re going through hell, keep going! It might just be the making of you. 


  • Try and try again

Elijah is an original vampire, so a stake through the heart won’t cut it. A special dagger kills originals. There’s just one issue.


If the dagger is removed from the body, that original bloodsucker won’t be down for long. Alaric learns the hard way.


Alaric kills Elijah... sort of


How this relates to music? Don’t be discouraged by setbacks. It could be you were on the right lines. If you do something slightly different next time (like leaving the dagger in), you might succeed. Try again and experiment with everything from your marketing to your songwriting. 


  • Don’t overdo it

Throughout the seasons, witches in particular have a tendency to do too much and exhaust themselves – sometimes with deadly consequences!


How this relates to music? Life as a musician can be stressful, especially if you have another job. Self-care is important. Take time for yourself and to enjoy life. Your friends and family, and your music, will thank you. 


  • Doppelganger magic

In the series, some of the characters have doppelgangers; ancestors who look exactly like them.

"I only count two doppelgangers. Where's crazy pants?"


How this relates to music? Many musicians have alter egos, for example Beyoncé has Sasha Fierce. This is a doppelganger of sorts. 


If you get nervous performing or posting your work online, why not create an alter ego for yourself? This helps separate work from your personal life. In TVD, doppelgangers are pre-destined to be enemies, so don’t worry if your alter ego is nothing like yourself! 


  • Take precautions

When your town is crawling with vampires, smart people take vervain. This prevents vampires from compelling you to do whatever they want. 


How this relates to music? If you’re going to a loud gig or rehearsal, wear earplugs. Some musicians damage their hearing by not doing this. 


From taking extra guitar strings to gigs so you’re not caught out if a string snaps, to taking an earlier train in case the later one doesn’t turn up, any precautions are wise when it comes to our craft and income. 


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