Bookworms! Discover My Top 3 Horror Picks...

By Justine Perry (@justine_perry)


I’m a horror fanatic! Finding (decent) horror movies I haven’t seen is an endless struggle. Needless to say, I also live for horror fiction. 


I believe reading fiction is worthwhile, especially for songwriters. You can improve your spelling and grammar, and find inspiration. (Read more here: 3 Reasons NOT to Feel Guilty for Reading… with book recommendations.)


Halloween is taking over the blog this October. In this post, I’m sharing my top three horror picks. I’m also giving away a copy of each book! Keep reading for details…

  • Endless Night - Richard Laymon



Richard Laymon is one of my all-time favourite horror writers. His books are like slasher films – but better! Endless Night (like most of Laymon’s work) isn’t for the faint hearted. I’m sure my fellow slasher and torture porn fans will love it! 


Jody escapes a group of sadistic serial killers, after they break into her friend’s house. Unfortunately, one of them becomes obsessed with her, and isn’t about to let her go…


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  • Bird Box - Josh Malerman



Another not for the faint hearted! I found this book disturbing but too good to stop reading. I read it in two days. 


The story has an interesting premise. Monsters start wandering the earth. They cause you to harm yourself (and sometimes others) if you look at them. The characters go from their normal lives to a world where wearing a blindfold is imperative. What would you do? The main character is pregnant and must find refuge. 


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  • The Perfect Girlfriend - Karen Hamilton


This is a great choice if you don’t enjoy horror but still want an unsettling read for Halloween. Juliette is settling down and marrying the man of her dreams – he just doesn’t know it yet! 


I loved this book because it’s unusual to read a first-person narrative from a character suffering from severe obsession. The story feels far-fetched at points, but I excuse this on creative license. 


The ending is also unconventional. If you’ve read this book, let me know how you felt about this. 


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