The Bernie Taupin…


I’m a pop, country, and folk lyric writer. My job is to work with songwriters and producers to create standout lyrics for their music.


… To Your Elton John


Do you struggle with lyric writing? Are songs left unfinished because you got stuck with the lyrics?


Imagine how easy it would be to have lyrics written for you, to know strong lyrics for your latest songs will be sent to you.


Who Am I?


I’m passionate about lyric writing because I love the ability words have to comfort and heal. Listening to powerful lyrics helps me through tough times again and again. I want to do this for others. 


I specialised in lyric writing while studying BA (Hons) Music Composition at Falmouth University. I’ve worked as a lyricist since graduating in 2013. 


Why Collaborate?


By collaborating with writers who know their craft, you release extraordinary songs. A lyricist knows their field in the same way a session musician knows their instrument. It’s worth joining forces with a lyricist on a song or two, even if you usually write your own lyrics.


Why Choose Me?

  • I’ve studied the craft of lyric writing inside out. I use storytelling, structure, rhythm and rhyme to create memorable lyrics.

  • I specialise in pop, country, and folk music. This means your lyrics are tailored to your genre.

  • If you like starting with lyrics, I write a piece for you to set to music later. I read music and have a strong understanding of poetry. The rhythm of the words can be written in a way that makes it easy to set the lyrics to music, often with a certain time signature in mind.

  • Alternatively, I create bespoke lyrics for your instrumental or backing track. I can write a topline (vocal melody) or put words to an existing vocal line.

"Justine is a great lyricist, as well as a lovely person to work with! Her lyrics exactly matched the ideas we had for a song beforehand, and she delivered them exactly when she promised she would. I can certainly recommend working with her!"

~ Ghislaine Regout, Songwriter, Composer & Producer

(Twitter: @GhislaineRegout)



How Does It Work?


Most of my collaborations are done online. Here’s how:


  • We discuss your requirements in detail by email, phone or video chat. I send you a short questionnaire. This helps me understand what you’re expecting from the lyric.

  • I listen to your existing music (if you’ve released music), plus any reference tracks (songs by other artists that reflect what you’re looking for.) This way the lyrics suit your sound and style.

  • You get the first draft within 7-10 days. Following your feedback, editing is done immediately. 1-4 drafts are standard, but I can extend this if needed. Re-drafting is free of charge. (The only time this wouldn't be the case is if a client were inconsistent with feedback. For example, approving a draft and then wanting something drastically different.)


  • When the song is complete, I own copyright of the lyric and you (plus any co-writers) own copyright of the music. Royalty percentages can be negotiated depending on the circumstances; number of writers, etc. 


Am I the lyricist for you? Read examples of my work.

"Justine's lyrics inspired me to write a song quicker than I have done for years. She is professional, helpful and a hard worker who takes what she does very seriously. Her writing has a depth that can only come from a place of compassion and sensitivity. I am very pleased to have worked with her."

~ Mike Lisle Dunn, Songwriter & Composer

(Twitter: @MikeLisleDunn)


Are You Ready? Let's Collaborate!

A great lyric stays in the mind of the listener long after the song has ended.


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