Are You Writing Lyrics in English?


I work as a pop, country, and folk lyric writer. Songwriters contact me because they’re struggling to edit their lyrics, often because English is their second language. 


For the First Time?


Are you unsure whether your lyrics make sense and sound natural? I’m learning French, so I know how challenging it can be to write in a second language. 


If a native speaker edits your lyrics, you know the meaning behind your song is clear and the lyrics sound right to English listeners. 


Who Am I?


I’m passionate about lyric writing because I love the ability words have to comfort and heal. Listening to powerful lyrics helps me through tough times again and again. I want to do this for others. 


I specialised in lyric writing while studying BA (Hons) Music Composition at Falmouth University. Since graduating in 2013, I’ve enjoyed working with musicians from Europe, Africa and America.


Why Collaborate?


If you’re planning to license or publish your music, having your lyrics edited could increase your chance of success. My lyric editing service is the right choice if you’ve written a full lyric but need help improving this. (If the lyric is half finished or you need lyrics written from scratch, a commission is for you.)


Why Choose Me?


  • I’ve studied the craft of lyric writing inside out. I edit your lyrics using my knowledge of storytelling, structure, rhythm and rhyme. This makes your song memorable.

  • I specialise in pop, country, and folk music. This means your lyrics are tailored to your genre.

  • I read music (ABRSM Music Theory Grade 5, Distinction.) If you have a score, I make sure the natural rhythm of the words matches the rhythm of the music. This is important for natural sounding vocals, and to highlight the meaning and emotion at crucial points throughout the song. 


  • I can write you a topline (vocal melody) or put lyrics to your existing vocal line. If you’re writing lyrics to be set to music later, the rhythm of the words can be written in a way that makes it easy to put the lyrics to music.

"English is not my native language. Justine provides lyrics matching both the music and the story you have in mind. If I'm in the need for some great words? I definitely choose Justine!"

~ Koen Haspeslagh, Songwriter & Composer

(SoundCloud: /koen-haspeslagh)



How Does It Work?


Most of my collaborations are done online. Here’s how:


  • We discuss your project in detail by email, phone or video chat. I send you a short questionnaire. This helps me understand what you’re expecting from the lyric.

  • If relevant, I listen to your existing music, and any reference tracks (songs by other artists that reflect what you’re looking for.) This way the lyrics suit your sound and style.


  • I send you a first draft within 7-10 days. Following your feedback, editing is done immediately. 1-4 drafts are standard, but I can extend this if needed. Re-drafting is free of charge. (The only time this wouldn't be the case is if a client were inconsistent with feedback. For example, approving a draft and then wanting something drastically different.)


  • When the song is complete, you (and any co-writers) own copyright of the music. We share copyright of the lyric. (The exact percentages can be negotiated and vary from project to project.)


"I was stuck with lyrics on a song, and Justine's input was really helpful. Highly recommended!"

~ Ghostly Beard, Artist & Songwriter

(Twitter: @ghostlybeard)


Are You Ready? Let's Collaborate!

A great lyric stays in the mind of the listener long after the song has ended.


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"I discovered Justine through Google and I was immediately attracted by the clarity of her site, the kindness and delicacy that emanates from it. That's why I contacted her to create an English version of my French lyric.


The different exchanges we had by email and video conference really helped me to make the always delicate passage from one culture to another. Justine is not stingy with her time and energy to facilitate communication and mutual understanding. She has a good mastery of the language and a lot of ideas.


The result is excellent and I will contact Justine again in the future for similar work. I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to do serious and inspired work."

~ Alain Amouyal, Composer

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