Summer Songwriting Challenge...

By Justine Perry (@justine_perry)


The great thing about the Internet and social media is the opportunity to meet other musicians. Nothing celebrates this more than the songwriting challenge I’ve been part of this month.


Pop singer-songwriter Natalie Lucie (@natalie_lucie on Twitter) came up with the idea. The challenge was to write a song in June, with a journey/in transit as the theme.


Here’s the Soundcloud playlist with the results:



As a lyricist, my creation can’t be included in the playlist (but I think there’s a link to it in the playlist description and/or on Natalie’s blog.)


My contribution is called Everything You Said. It’s about feeling in transit between who you are and who people say you are. When you’re told you are this or that enough times, it’s easy to believe it, or even become the character you’re accused of being. Everything You Said is about the latter.


I’ve often felt lost between the person former friends and negative people say I am, and the person my close friends and family know me to be. Through writing this lyric, I’ve realised that although I have a thicker skin these days, I haven’t changed as much as the character in the lyric. Hopefully that’s a good thing! Read Everything You Said here.


Natalie is planning a July songwriting challenge! She updates the participants via Twitter, so if you’re on Twitter and want to get involved, tweet her @natalie_lucie. If you don’t have Twitter, send me a message by email or another social platform, and I’ll pass on any updates.


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It’s a great opportunity to get creative. Challenges like this are brilliant for introducing indie artists to new listeners. Also, many musicians spend so much time promoting their existing work, that writing new songs takes a backseat. Creative challenges prevent the business side being so dominant.


Let me know if you’ll be taking part! (I’m @justine_perry on Twitter and Instagram.) I know some people who read this blog are fellow lyricists or only write instrumental music. Although you might not be able to take part in quite the same way, you can still join in!


 June’s participants:

 Laura C Brown: Twitter & Instagram @lcbrownmusic

 Molly-Anne: Twitter & Instagram @mollyannemusic

 Natalie Lucie: Twitter @natalie_lucie / Instagram @natalielucie

 Kirsten McClure: Twitter @orpheuscat / Instagram @kirstenmcclure

 Matt Watson: Twitter @mattwmusic / Instagram @mattwatson75

 Justine Perry: Twitter & Instagram @justine_perry

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